RFID Canada offers a broad range of RFID and NFC transponders, readers, antennas, printers and printer software for various applications.

As Canada’s leading hardware and transponder supplier, we continuously strive to improve and enhance our product portfolio in order to quickly respond to new trends that provide customers with the most appropriate products in the RFID and NFC industry.

We have extensive experience in providing front-end hardware solutions using RFID and NFC technologies.  Our complete line of hardware products include, Passive Low Frequency-LF (125 & 134.2KHz), Passive High Frequency-HF (13.56MHz), Passive Ultra High Frequency- UHF (860-956MHz) as well as Active RFID.  Working with highly reputable manufacturers in the industry, RFID Canada ensures that the best possible hardware and software solutions are implemented.

Why RFID CANADA? It’s Simple!

Hospitals world-wide are using RFID/NFC technology to enhance patient experience.

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RFID technology reduces the time needed to process shippment because the RFID tags can be tracked automatically as they move through various stages in the processing cycle. Multiple items can be read simultaneously. Improve distribution, increase security and significantly reduce costs.

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NFC (Near Field Communication) tags are a type of RFID that allow for two-way communication.   NFC instantly connects consumers with business owners, service providers, bringing social media to a new level of consumer excitement. This technology allows business a new, intuitive way to offer the end-user an enhanced experience.

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