NFC Changing the Landscape of Marketing

Combining NFC & text messaging for impactful campaigns

Marketers are still learning to navigate the waters of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Its most well-known application, Smart Posters, are common in the tech and business fields, providing quick and easy access to web links. Consumer use is also gaining traction. One in three mobile phones will come with NFC by 2017 and, by then, one in four
U.S. consumers will use NFC-enabled devices to pay for goods in-store according to Juniper Research.
However, not every industry has fully grasped the implications NFC holds for expanding their marketing abilities. With this feature becoming standard on mobile phones, the technology is growing in popularity. According to NFC World SIA Study 94% of NFC users surveyed reported they like the feature. This provides an exciting opportunity for marketers. By
combining this growing technology with text messaging, marketers can bring customer engagement to the next level.

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