NEW ECO-FRIENDLY RFID TAGS – Contactless ticketing without environmental compromises

Toronto November 8th, 2019

Growing urbanization increases the pressure on public transport agencies to enhance overall service accessibility. The need to manage urban flows requires flexible and reliable solutions to follow city dynamics.

The RFID technology is superior to any other passenger identification solution in terms of speed and overall system cost. Implementation of RFID technology for limited paper ticketing enables easy and quick authentication of occasional travellers, tourists, or any other predefined group carrying disposable contactless media of choice.

RFID technology foster convenience, maximize passenger throughput, increase security, as well as boost user satisfaction. HOWEVER, up till now, RFID tickets contain a substantial amount of PET (Plastic).

JULIA ECO, the newly released ECO RFID products of Arti Grafiche Julia spa, and distributed in North America by RFID Canada, redefines RFID ticketing as you know it today.

100% PET (Plastic) FREE RFID ticket and hardened paper cards provides convenient contactless migration, increase security as well as boost overall user satisfaction and that all in an environmentally sustainable way.

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