NEW ANT1710/690 Crystal Gate – RFID Access and Security Control Reader

RFID technology provider and Canadian distributor for FEIG ELECTRONIC is introducing a new Crystal Gate for access and security control

New FEIG HF RFID Crystal Gate Offers Outstanding Performance with excellent 3d read rate

The new HF Crystal Gate is designed to detect the RFID tags that pass in-between the gate, provide an accurate count of individuals and items. The  Crystal Gate is ideal for libraries, event management, retail loss prevention, and access control.

RFID reader and antenna combine to create the perfect solution to monitor doorways, corridors or entrance and exit points. From preventing theft by detecting tagged items, to reading RFID-enabled tickets to streamline event entry, the integrated RFID Crystal Gate system keep people and items moving to avoid bottlenecks while safeguarding valuable assets.

The modern, transparent acrylic, design of the Crystal Gate Antenna includes, integrated in the acrylic, an alarm lights and the ability to work in stand-alone and EAS mode, as well as enabling a comfortable aisle width. The Crystal gate provides high read performance with 3D detection with an integrated radar people counter. The HF Crystal Gate is a versatile, cost-effective, integrated solution with easy installation. Key features:

  • Excellent RFID Performance of up to 1.60m
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Modern Transparent Design
  • Certificated performance
  • Integrated radar people counter
  • Flexible IT integration
  • Internationaly approved
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