Low Frequency Reader for Animal Tracking

Low Frequency Reader for Animal Tracking

RFID Canada – RFID and NFC technology provider is introducing a Low Frequency (LF) Mid-Range Reader for Animal Tracking – the ASR550.

The ASR550 is a fixed mid-range LF (134.2 KHz) reader, supports ISO 11784/11785 FDX-B or HDX transponders and comes with optional multiplexer. It is designed to operate in changing environments with electrical and metal interference. It has a built-in patented Auto tuning circuitry which makes installation and integration simple. In addition to the standard RS232 and RS485 interfaces, optional Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules are available.

An external multiplexer, the AAS100/200, is available which allows for up to eight antennas to be connected.

The read range, with antenna APA006 (50 x 60 cm) antenna, is up to 90 cm with HDX transponder of ø30 mm and up to 80 cm with FDX-B transponder of ø30 mm

ASR 550 LF Reader specifications:

  • RFID Frequency: 134.2 KHz
  • RFID Standards: ISO 11784/11785
  • Interface – Standard: RS232 and RS485
  • Interfaces – Optional: Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Class 1
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