Ground RFID Antennas

Ground RFID Antennas: low profile and high performance RFID antennas designed to be used with most UHF readers.

Key Features:

  • Designed to be placed on the ground
  • Weather resistant
  • Heavy load baring capability
  • Operate at 864-869MHz, 902-928MHz
  • Linear or Circular Polarized
  • Available in six sizes with different read ranges:
    1. 910mm x 300mm x 8mm – Linear Polarized1260mm x 255mm x 20mm – Linear Polarized
    2. 1220mm x 600mm x 12mm – Linear Polarized
    3. 910mm x 300mm x 8mm – Circular Polarized
    4. 1200mm x 195mm x 10mm – Linear Polarized
  • They have been designed to interface to most UHF RFID readers from Feig, Motorola, Impinj and Intermec.

These ground RFID antennas are durable, capable of lying flat on the ground and can withstand payloads of over 200 kg (440 lbs.). They are ideal for event & race timing, people tracking, warehousing and asset tracking.

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