RFID Canada provides a comprehensive host of professional services encompassing all stages of a project life cycle from inception to post implementation support.

The depth, breadth and diversity of our services complement our complete hardware and software product offerings enabling us to provide full solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

These services are delivered in all areas of Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) industry, including Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Near Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Barcoding & Printing Technologies as well data capture and processing on the most advanced computing platforms or in real time deploying local and wide area wireless networks.

Our professional services include:

Business and system analysis

Business and system analysis

The success of every project depends on a clear understanding and concise definition of the business requirements thorough analysis of the existing systems and processes determining the shortcomings, pain points and proper planning for the right solutions in order to address the needs of the project. RFID Canada can assist the client in all these areas to get the project started in the right path, setting clear goals, objectives and mapping out a plan to achieve them.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies, proof-of-concepts, tests and pilots

At times there are challenging projects with a large number of unknown variables decreasing the degree of certainty in the project success. This is especially true in projects involving deployment of newer technologies such as RFID in areas with little or no previous applications. Rather than making a full commitment to the project implementation, RFID Canada, through conducting feasibility studies and proof of concepts or limited test and pilot runs, helps its customers to determine the project challenges and set the parameters for the favorable outcome and the success  of the project.

Engineering design

Engineering design, prototyping and development of products

RFID Canada’s approach to designing a solution for a client is to primarily utilize commercially available products. When it is determined the current products in the market do not meet the project requirements, we offer engineering and design services to develop new products and solutions. We prepare the new products for launch securing any required certification or regulatory approval and manage the production process


Customization and process re-engineering

We can meet the project requirements using commercially available products, however, to fully meet specific requirements, a customized solution may be needed. Process re-engineering is a critical approach that can be deployed in combination with or as an alternative to the customization to achieve the project objectives.

Site and application surveys

Site and application surveys

Our trained and certified engineering staff offer site and application surveys prior to the design and installation. These surveys are strongly recommended in wireless network using NFC and RFID implementations. The professional site survey offer a cost saving benefit to clients.

Installation services

Installation services

RFID Canada provides hardware and software installation services through its trained and certified staff.

Consulting services

Consulting services and project management

Our RFID Team provides consulting services in all aspects of the identification and data capture. Our certified project management staff has a systematic approach in coordinating our projects which increases the rate of success in meeting project objectives.

Training services

Training services long term hardware, software, system support and maintenance

To ensure the long term success of the project and maximize the benefits to the client, RFID Canada provides post implementation and on-going training for the end- users and the administrator of the products and services delivered. Furthermore, with in-house and on-site repair and support services, RFID Canada stands behind the solutions it delivers, through flexible contracts.