LF Nova Brick Tag

The Nova Brick Tag is designed for any RFID application that requires a compact form factor that delivers sustainable performance under extreme conditions. The Brick Tag embeds in tiny spaces with a footprint of just 0.11 sq in (74 sq mm) and a thickness of only 0.12 in (3.0 mm). The 160-bit read/write memory of the Nova chip is easily programmed to suit custom applications.

  • Frequency: LF (130 kHz)
  • Housing: Epoxy
  • Memory: RW 160 bits
  • Environment: Car keys or custom enclosure
  • Environmental Resistance: Water IP68, Saltwater, Gasoline, Oil, HCL, Bleach, Formic Acid, Caustic Soda
  • Mounting: Embed
  • Size: 12.1×6.1×3.0mm
  • Operating Temp.: -40°C to +90°C
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