LF Glass Tags

LF Glass Transponders can be easily inserted or molded into a variety of materials enable automated asset identification and management applications.

The glass enclosures protect embedded electronics from exposure to harsh chemicals to ensure tag readability and provide excellent stability over fluctuating temperatures.

Glass Tags can be embedded into custom housings and mounted on virtually any surface – metal, plastic, wood, paper and water – making them ideal for tracking assets such as tools, equipment, pharmaceuticals, production inventory, metallic kegs or gas cylinders.

The Glass Tag Ultra provide greater read-range performance than any low frequency tags of comparable size, and a generous 512 bits of read-write memory.

  • Frequency: LF (125kHz and 134.2 kHz)
  • Types: Read Only (RO) and Read Write (RW)
  • Standards: ISO/IEC 18000-2, ISO 11784, ISO 11785
  • Housing: BIO Glass
  • Memory: RW 512 to 2048 bits
  • Environment: Plastic, Wood, Ceramic, Rubber
  • Environmental Resistance: Water IP68, Saltwater, Alcohol, HCL, Fuel, Ammonia
  • Mounting: Embed
  • Sizes: ø2×8.5mm, ø2x12mm, ø3x13mm, ø4x22mm, ø4x34mm
  • Operating Temp.: -25°C to +85°C
  • Peak Temp.: +120°C (100 hours)
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