LF Epoxy Disc Tags

General-purpose tags withstand exposure to oils and moisture, and deliver stable performance in both low and high temperatures. The tags perform under harsh conditions and in rough environments, including waste management and medical applications.

Epoxy tags are readable through packing materials and are available in a broad range of sizes with an array of integrated chip options. Epoxy tags may be adhered with glue, secured with screws, or embedded in a custom housing, depending on the application.

The tags integrate into a broad range of automated systems for tracking many types of containers, equipment, tools or other physical assets. Available read-write capability enables simultaneous collection and dissemination of data.

Epoxy tags are ideal for tracking manufacturing line equipment maintenance and repair schedules; work in progress and finished goods; waste management pickups; hazardous waste collection, transportation and disposal; medical and dental devices and tools; and general fleet or equipment maintenance lifecycles.

  • Frequency: LF (125kHz)
  • Housing: Epoxy
  • Memory: RO 64 bits, RW 264 to 2048 bits
  • Environment: Plastic
  • Environmental Resistance: Water IP67, Mineral Oils, Ethanol, Petrol, Fuel
  • Mounting: Screw-on, Glue, Encapsulate
  • Size: ø20x1mm, ø30x1mm, ø50x1mm, ø30×1.5mm
  • Operating Temp.: -25°C to +85°C
  • Peak Temp.: +120°C (1 x 24 hours) or +140°C (1 x 24 hours)
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