SE02 – LF Reader Controller

The SE02 is a Low Frequency (LF), 125 KHz, Stand Alone Controller designed to interface to up to four RW02 LF Proximity Readers controlling up to two entrances. It can be programmed to monitor the entrance to a door, a turnstile or a gate. Up to 1,000 users can be maintained and monitored by the reader controller. The reader size is 200mm x 120mm x 55mm, supports Read (RO) and Read / Write (RW) tags (HITAG S, HITAG 1 and HITAG 2 by NXP, 555x by Temic, Unique and Q5 by Sokymat, EM 4001, EM 4002, EM 4022, EM 4102 etc.). The reader has an RS232 host interface and an RS485 interface for connecting the readers.

The SE02 has been especially designed for Stan Alone access control applications.

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