RWA12 – LF Proximity Reader

The RWA12 is a Low Frequency (LF), 125 KHz, Proximity Wall Mount Reader with an integrated antenna which can operate either online and offline. The reader can be used as independent reader separate. The reader, size 296mm x 243mm x 40mm, supports Read (RO) and Read / Write (RW) tags (HITAG S, HITAG 1 and HITAG 2 by NXP, 555x by Temic, Unique and Q5 by Sokymat, EM 4001, EM 4002, EM 4022, EM 4102 etc.). The reader has a RS232 and a Data-/Clock interface, which can be operated in Wiegand or Magnetic Card emulation, or RS485 interface.

The RWA12 has been especially designed for applications such as personal identification, access control and time recording.

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