APR500 – LF Hand Held Reader

This portable LF (134.2) KHz reader provides the user with the ability to read ISO Standard 11784/5 FDX-B and HDX tags with good reading range. Tags with the widely used chip type H4102 can be read optionally. An alphanumeric keypad allows user input. This reader comes with an IP 64 rating, has an integrated real-time clock so that every ID is stored with a time stamp. The large memory is sufficient for 6000 IDs, time stamp and action code.  Reading range can be up to 25 cm depending on tag type and environmental conditions. The reader has a built-in antenna and provision for connection of an external stick antenna.  Interface to a PC is via USB and the can be powered with standard AA batteries or rechargeable batteries (optional cradle can be used for trickle charging and USB interfacing).

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