ASA – LF Antennas

The LF antennas ASA008, ASA009, ASA012 and ASA215 are designed for the stationary long-range reader ASR700. In combination with those readers they provide a powerful system with excellent reading distance of HDX/FDX transponders even under the worst conditions.
The ASA antennas are designed for applications with demands for long distance identification within a large reading volume. The large single antenna ASA015 and the double antenna ASA215 provide sufficient reading volume e.g. for cattle walk-through installations. The ASA009 in combination with the long-range DSP reader ASR700 achieve an extraordinary reading performance even under worse noise conditions.
The ASA009 HD is a reinforced version for heavy-duty applications severe environments like slaughterhouses. The plastic used for the ASA Antennas is approved for food applications.
The 4 different sizes and the double antennas make an optimal adaptation concerning reading volume and installation space possible. Due to its strong design, the robust IP67 construction and its resistance to typical environmental influences the antennas are perfectly suited for applications in agriculture and food industry automation.

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