UHF Lin Tag 200

The LinTag™ are textile tags designed to withstand up to 300 commercial laundry cycles. They are easy to attach, extremely durable and provide reliable performance.
The LinTag™ transponders apply securely and discreetly to textiles, enabling RFID tracking of high-volume, commercially laundered bed linens, towels and garments. Encased in highly durable cotton-polyester fabric they can be embedded, stitched or ironed on.
• Frequency: UHF (860 – 960 MHz)
• Housing: Cotton-Polyester Fabric
• Memory: EPC 128 bits,
• Standards: ISO 18000-6C (EPC C1G2)
• Environment: Linens and Garments
• Environmental Resistance: up to 300 commercial laundry cycles
• Mounting: Embedded, Stitched or Ironed On
• Sizes:
o Embed: 64mm x 22mm x 1.7mm
o Stich: 64mm x 28mm x1.7mm
o Heat-Seal: 64mm x 22mm x 1.7mm
• Operating Temp.: -40°C to +85°C
• Peak Temp.:
o Air: +120°C (100 hours)
o Wash: +90°C (15 min)
o Drying: +120°C (20 min)
o Tunnel Finisher: +185°C (15 min)
o Ironing: +220°C (20 bars 10 x 10 sec) (see LinTag Ironing Procedure)
• Read Distance: up to 7m

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