UHF Lavanda 1136

One of the smallest RFID textile tags currently available, offers good read range for a label with a small form factor.


  • Frequency Range: Global 860-960 MHz
  • Read Range: Upto 3.2 m
  • Application Surface: Non-metallic surfaces
  • IC Type: Monza R6P
  • Memory: EPC Size upto 128 bit, 96 bit TID with 48 bit Unique serial number
  • Face Stock: Polyester / CottonOperating Temperature: Patching: 220°C (399°F), 20 seconds for 1 cycle Washing: 90°C (194°F), 15 minutes for 200 cycles Drying: 180°C (356°F), 3 minutes for 200 cycles Tunnel Finisher: 170°C (338°F), 10 minutes Autoclave: 3.2bar, RH 85%, 5min @ 134°C (273°F)
  • Adhesive: Specific proprietary Polyurethane. Transparent to slightly yellowish after patching
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