Iron Tag

The IronTag® UHF transponder enables RFID tagging of metal equipment and components that are subject to severe conditions.

Originally designed for tracking aircraft parts, IronTag devices tolerate the harsh conditions of manufacturing and processing as well as vehicle and equipment operation. It can handle extreme hot or cold temperatures, are waterproof, and withstand exposure to fuels, oils, salt water and ultraviolet light. The tags are resistant to pressure, vibration and steady flame for short periods.

The durable IronTag RFID tag mount to any metal surface with industrial glues or optional high-temperature stickers, making them ideal for logistics applications that track metal components through assembly, operation, maintenance and repair. It is the ideal tag for metallic asset tracking applications where a small form factor and durability are vital.

The patent-pending design meets or exceeds standards for the most demanding industries, including aircraft manufacturing and fleet management.

  • Mount on Metal
  • Frequency: UHF (865 – 956 MHz)
  • Housing: PPA Polyphthalamide (ISO PAT6T/6I)
  • Memory: EPC 240 bits, TID 64 bits, RW 512bits
  • Standards: ISO 18000-6C (EPC C1G2)
  • Environmental Resistance: Fuel B, mineral oil, petroleum, salt mist, vegetable oil, UV (ISO 4892-2), Flame Resistance UL94HB
  • Mounting: Glue
  • Size: 53mm x 23mm x 7mm
  • Operating Temp.: -40°C to +85°C
  • Peak Temp.: +180°C (40 hours), +200°C (6 hours),  +220°C (1 hours)
  • Read Distance: up to 4m on metal
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