UHF 3rd License Plate

3rd License Plate TP is a non-transferable UHF windshield label, with excellent read and write performance. Labels can be printed and encoded on demand using thermal transfer printers and applied to the interior of the automobile’s windshield such that the variable printed information is readable from the outside. In addition, the 3rd License plate windshield labels are Tamper-proof.

The label contains a conductive ink printed antenna and is tuned especially for optimal performance on glass surfaces. This label is IR and UV light resistant and is made using high-quality materials so that it does not expand or contract with changes in emperature.


  • Face Stock: Special Plastic film
  • Frequency: 860 – 960 MHz
  • Standards: ISO 18000-6C and EPC Class 1 Gen 2
  • IC type: NXP UCODE DNA
  • Memory: EPC Size 224 Bits, User Memory 3072 Bits, 96 bits TID with 48 bits Unique serial number
  • Label Size: 72 x 96.0 x 0.2 mm
  • Operating Temp.: -30°C to +85°C
  • Read Range: on glass up to 11m
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