UHF MOM 8035

MOM 8035 is a passive UHF RFID label optimized for Metal and Plastic among other surfaces and delivered with a high performance acrylic adhesive. These labels feature a film face to print customized logos, product information, scannable barcodes, QR codes, etc. directly on the label.
With balanced performance on different kinds of surfaces, this product is ideal for tracking asset such as tool tracking of medical devices used in healthcare, laptops, servers and other hardware in IT (information technology), industrial manufacturing assets, oil & gas pipelines, liquid container tracking, high value/luxury retail item tracking and many other industrial applications.


  • Frequency: 860 – 960 MHz
  • Standards: ISO 18000-6C and EPC Class 1 Gen 2
  • Size:80 x 35 x 1.2mm
  • IC:Monza R6P
  • Memory:EPC Size of 96 – 128 Bits, 96 bits TID with 48 bits Unique serial number
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