HF/NFC Tickets

Contactless RFID tickets are available with most HF and NFC, ISO 15693 or 14443, chips. These RFID tickets are ideal for sporting events, concerts, festivals, public transportation, ski resorts, supply chain, healthcare, libraries and so on.

The tickets come in blank thermal transfer printable, color and are available in standard or custom sizes. Optional to the contact RFID technologies includes full color custom printing, magnetic stripe, linear or 2D Barcode. Additional security features such as hologram, UV ink are also available.

The tickets are available in paper, waterproof material, or PVC.

If required RFID Canada can pre-encode and pre-print the any tickets.

The HF/NFC Ticket Tags specifications:

  • Frequency: HF (13.56 MHz)
  • Standards: ISO 15693 (18000-3M1), ISO 14443 A / B
  • Housing: Paper, Waterproof Material, PVC
  • Format: Fanfolded, Rolls, Singles
  • Sizes (standard): 53mm x 86mm; 53mm x 152mm; 81mm x 139mm; 100 x 170mm
  • Operating Temp.: -30°C to +50°C

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