HF/NFC Jewelry Tag

The Jewelry Tag transponders communicate with RFID readers to enhance the ability to inventory and track high-value merchandise.

This tag enables fast, comprehensive daily merchandise inventories with the wave of a handheld reader – while never having to remove items from retail display cases or storage cabinets. Retailers can achieve more accurate, effective merchandise accounting for regulatory reporting or stock planning. In addition, the visible presence of these tags deters would-be shoplifters.

  • Frequency: HF (13.56 MHz)
  • Standards: ISO 15693 (18000-3M1)
  • Housing: PC
  • Memory: RW 512 bits
  • Environment: Valuable Assets
  • Mounting: Attach with string
  • Size: 22 mm x 16.5 mm x 3.3 mm
  • Operating Temp.: -0°C to +60°C
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