MAX50 – HF/NFC Proximity Reader

This High Frequency reader is a cost effective alternative to traditional access control solutions and supports transponders according to ISO 14443-A &-B, ISO 15693, ISO/IEC 18000-3A and communicates with NFC devices (ISO / IEC 18092). The interface is Ethernet which allows for easy integration into IP-based network infrastructures with CAT-5 cables. The AES-encrypted data ensures high system security and protects the access control infrastructure effectively against attacks by intercepting or tampering.  The unit is a complete and independently-working access control terminal for up to 9000 users. It combines the functions of an intelligent controller with Ethernet interface and a RFID smart card reader in one small device. Events can be stored locally in a configurable event memory or alternatively, events can be immediately reported to a host system via Access Notification mode. The event memory can be adapted to different data protection laws, but it can also be completely disabled.  Power is supplied via Power over Ethernet (PoE) or via an external DC power supply.  As an identifier, the reader can examine either the serial number (UID / CSN) or user selectable memory areas of the transponder.  Typical applications for the system are in industrial and commercial installations. Each unit can be a part of a complex access control system with widely distributed access points. Furthermore it can also be used for single doors in small and medium sized installations.

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