M02M8 – HF Reader/Multiplexer Module

The M02M8 is a High Frequency (HF), 13.56 MHz, Proximity Reader Module with an integrated 8 port Multiplexer which allows for of up to 8 external 50 Ohm antennas to be connected.

HF reader / multiplexer module, size 87mm x 50mm x 14mm, works with  ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3M1 and ISO 18000-3M3, HF Gen 2 transponders and tags. The PCB has an output power of 200mW. The reader has an RS232 TTL interfaces and also reads RSSI data for localization of identified transponders.

It is suitable for all applications where short read ranges with only a small reader size with multiple antennas are required.

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