CPR 60

ID CPR60 is a 4 x 4 cm small RFID reader (ISO / IEC 14443 A / B and ISO 15693) with interfaces for up to 4 smart card connectors.
It was developed for integration in terminals, printers, handheld devices, etc. Own 50 Ώ antennas can be connected variably.
For host communication a USB interface, a serial interface (RS232-LVTTL) and an SPI interface are available.
A standby mode reduces power consumption to a minimum. The “wake-up-by-card” and “wake-up contact” options are available to wake up the device.


  • Tiny module for integration into terminals, printers or handheld devices
  • Interfaces for up to 4 smart card connectors according to ISO 7816 (for VDV-KA etc.)
  • Highest flexibility by connecting individual external antennas
  • Multi-standard HF reader module (ISO 14443 / ISO 15693)
  • Variable interfaces: RS232-LVTTL, USB and SPI
  • Standard FEIG Reader-Protocol
  • Standby mode (Wake-Up-by-Card or Wake-Up contact)
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