CPR46 – HF/NFC myAXXESS flatOne plus Contactless Payment Reader

myAXXESS flatOne is a contactless payment reader designed for payment applications as well as for eTicketing- and eMobility applications. The reader is certified according to EMV Level 1.

The reader design features:

  •  Ability to mount on metal with full performance (EMV certification included testing when mounted on a metal sheet)
  •  Thin profile for flush mounting, only 3mm protrusion from the surface.
  •  Low standby power to support solar or battery powered terminals.

myAXXESS flatOne supports all next-generation contactless credit cards and contactless debit cards including the German girogo cash card. Furthermore all common ISO14443-A and -B based smart cards could be read and NFC applications are supported. With four SAM Sockets (ID000 format) the OBID myAXXESSR flatOne supports customer specific security applications.

The reader offers high security authentication and encryption, data transfer between the reader and the host is AES256 encrypted, firmware updates are protected by RSA algorythm and authentication.


  • EMV Level 1 contactless certification
  • Built-in device for Ticketing-, Parking- and Vending machines
  • Nearly flush installation in metal and nonmetallic surfaces
  • Customer specific design & labelling on demand
  • 4 SAM sockets (only OBID myAXXESS flatOne plus)
  • USB- and RS232 interface


Contactless Authentification & Payment at

  • ATM machines
  • Ticket machines
  • Parking ticket machines
  • eMobility car charging station
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