HF I-Class Printers

The I-Class RFID printers provide the capability to print and encode data onto HF converted labels. The printers can read and write data and print labels that incorporate embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder into smart labels.


The I-Class RFID printer from Datamax facilitates the evolution from simple bar coding to more advanced data capture and tracking methodologies.  RFID used in conjunction with human readable text or machine readable bar codes will enable real-time visibility within many different applications, transforming processes, increasing efficiencies and reducing the threat of erroneous delivery or counterfeit goods.     Extra  data  provided  by  RFID  technology  revolutionizes  automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) processes, progressing from step by step updates to streaming, real time data management.


The I-Class family is constructed upon a precision-crafted die-cast aluminum frame affording a durable yet lightweight modular design that increases the printer’s reliability as well as its longevity.  The I-Class is ideal for a wide array of mission critical bar coding and RFID applications found in industries such as manufacturing, warehousing, shipping and libraries.  The remarkably sophisticated design and resulting ease-of-use makes the I-Class RFID printer the optimal choice among facilities of all sizes in all parts of the world.  When it comes to reliability, simplicity, and performance there is just one choice – the Datamax I-Class RFID printers.


I-Class Specifications:

  • PRINTER TYPE: Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer
  • RFID Standards: ISO 15693, 18000-3 Mode 1
  • Print Speed: 4 to 10 IPS
  • Resolution: 203 to 600 DPI
  • Print Width: 104mm (4.1”)
  • Print Length: 6.35mm to 2475.6mm (0.25” to 99”)
  • Memory: 2MB Flash – 16MB SDRAM
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