All-in-one solution for creating your own tag!

And it’s easy as 1,2,3…

1. Create Concept

2. Select Application

3. Encode to Tag


The software, which operates under Windows XP/2000/Vista/W7, will read, write and write-protect NFC compatible tags and scan the tags’ UIDs.

The NFC Tag Encoder System allows companies the ability to create exciting innovative ways to connect with customers using NFC technology. This system has an easy to use Windows based software, hardware read/write device with USB interface and NFC programmable tags.

This NFC Tag Encoding Software System will allow businesses, marketing companies and research firms the ability to track consumer demands with an easy to use interface. When you have an idea, you can simply create a concept, select an application, and encode a tag, all within minutes.

Download Here

NFC Encoder System Data Sheet

NFC Encoder System Includes:

  • Software (Read, write and write-protect NFC compatible tags and scan tags’ UIDs)
  • Windows XP/2000/Vista/W7 (32/64) compatible
  • Hardware R/W Device: CPR40.30-USB
  • (10) FREE Tags with NTAG203 Chip (2 Circus, 2 Bullseye, 2 Midas, 2 Minitrack, 2 Racetrack)