The Gnome portals are stand alone portals incorporating a reader and up to four antennas. Available in Brushed lack or White Powder-Coated steel.
The steel support can easily be mounted on any walls and the removable ABS cover make it for easy antenna adjustments.
Designed for indoor light industrial, commercial and retail applications.

The Gnome Portal specifications:
• Standard Construction steel support with a white ABS cover
• Dimensions: 1.6m x 508mm x 101.6mm or 1.37m x 508mm x 101.6mm (63” x 20” x 4” or 54” x 20” x 4”)
• Weight: 13.6kg to 18.1kg (30 to 40 lbs)
• Covers: ABS, Flat Back, Curved Front
• Reading Height: Up to 1.78m (70”) with Aluminum or 1.52m (60”) with Wood

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