BluEpyc BLE Sensor Beacon Wake-Up is designed to Wake-Up on a Low-Frequency (LF) trigger and includes ultra-low power, accelerometer sensors and push button – accurate position detection.
This multifunction Beacon has dual radio interfaces, Bluetooth 5.1 (2.4 GHz) and LF trigger for Wake-Up.
Information on LF Wake-Up, accelerometer data, temperature and button activation are some of the features of this beacon. Beacon Wake-Up Advertising, Presence (Watch Dog), Wake-Up (with Area Code), Action/Alarm (push button), Accelerometer (transmission on movement or free fall) are all functions that can be activated or customized separately. The Beacons are configurable through an Android Application.
Application is ideal for Location Based Services, safety of warehouse operators, production management and traceability, precision access control applications.

Technical Features:

• BLE Technology: BLE 4.2 Protocol, iBeacon & Eddystone
• Chip IC: Nordic Semiconductor nRF52810
• Embedded Sensor: ST Microelecronics mod. LIS3DH
• Beaconing Interval: 100 ms to 10 s
• Transmission Range: Up to 120 m
• TX Power Step: -23dB, -6dB, 0dB, +4dB
• Battery Life: 12 months based on broadcasting rate 1 sec. @ 0dB RF power
• Battery: Panasonic CR2032 replaceable
• Operating Temperature: -25°C to +50°C
• Dimension: 31 mm diameter, 10 mm Thickness, white polycarbonate case

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