BLE EchoBeacon – Industrial Wallmount

The INDUSTRIAL EchoBeacon is a Repeater that extends the coverage of the gateway of up to 200 metres. Beacons associated to a person or an item transmits the data with limited power & energy consumption. EchoBeacon receives Beacon data (monitoring area based on Beacons power transmission) and re-transmit the collected Beacon’s data to the BLE Gateway.
Application in IoT & Active RFID solutions including Real Time Location System & Indoor Positioning System (RTL&IPS), vehicle and people access control, home and building management, safety (hospital, construction site, etc.), process automation, asset & facility management, smart city (parking, leisure & tourism, etc.).

Technical Features:

• Bluetooth 5.1
• Beacon Supported: iBeacon and Eddystone
• Transmission Range: Up to 200 m
• Data Rate: Up to 2 Mbit/s
• Transmit power: +8 dBm
• RX sensitivity: -91dBm
• On board beacon white list capacity: 180 BLE tags
• Dimensions: 140 mm x 110 mm x 60 mm
• Enclosure : ABS Box
• Weight: 200g
• Power Supply: 12-24V DC
• Protection: IP66
• Operating Temperature: -20° C – +65° C
• Interface: On board UART
• Inputs: (3) Digital Inputs
• Outputs: (2) Relay Output (24 V DC / 1A)
• Special feature: Supports social distancing solution and proximity alarm

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