BLE Activator

BluEpyc BLE Beacon Activator Advanced is designed to provide accurate position detection. A Low Frequency (LF) signal provides a precise activation/wake-up zone for deep sleep Beacons Wake-Up.
The LF (125 KHz) field provides a 3D LF field coded for ultra-low power Wake-Up Beacon which avoids false ignitions. Activator identifier configurable from 0 to 4095. Accuracy 10 to 15 cm.
Parameters can be configured via USB or BLE interfaces using Android App or BluEpyc Start.
Application is ideal for Location Based Services, safety of warehouse operators, production management and traceability, precision access control applications.

Technical Features:

• Bluetooth 5.1
• Beacon Supported: iBeacon and Eddystone
• Activator Range: 350 cm
• Transmission Range: Up to 200 m
• Transmission Power: 16 steps
• On board beacon white list capacity: 180 BLE tags
• Dimensions: 200 mm x 110 mm x 60 mm
• Enclosure : ABS (UL 94 HB)
• Weight: 200g
• Power Supply: 12-24V DC
• Protection: IP66
• Operating Temperature: -25° C – +70° C
• Inputs: (3) Digital Inputs
• Outputs: (2) Relay Output (24 V DC / 1A)
• Feature: EchoBeacon functionality, Standalone operating mode

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