Active Reader – RX2100

The RX2100 PT End-Cap Reader, with internal antenna, is an Active RFID expansion module for the Motorola WORKABOUT PRO 2nd and 3rd Generation Handheld Computer.

It can operate in rugged conditions at both ‘short’ ranges or at ultra long ranges, subject to the appropriate version being fitted to the WORKABOUT PRO. The End-Cap reader provides unrivalled mobility solutions for customers seeking to identify, locate or audit tagged assets outside of areas monitored by fixed RFID reader networks.

Connection to the WORKABOUT PRO is via its internal USB socket leaving the device’s 100 pin connector and other expansion slots free for use with other expansion devices. The RX2100 PT End-Cap Reader allows space for the of the Motorola GPRS/GSM internal antenna within the RX2100’s end-cap housing.

Reader Type:

  • RX2100: Short Range End-Cap (up to 15m)
  • RX2100-LR: Long Range End-Cap (up to 70m)

Reader Optional Antenna:

  • For the RX2100-LR: 433 MHz 1/4 Whip

Reader Features and Specifications:

  • End-Cap Reader with Internal Antenna
  • Operating Temp.: -40°C to +75°C
  • Size: 100mm x 60mm x 30mm
  • Weight: 65g
  • Power: +5Vdc, <15mA max
  • Color: Black
  • Case: ABS
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