Active Products – Reader

Active Reader – RX50

The RX50 is a low power reader with serial RS232 and USB communication ports.

Active Reader – RX210

The RX210 is a reader designed to work in rugged environments, comes with serial RS232 and USB communication ports, and supports RS485 which can have up to 255 readers daisy chained on one network.

Active Reader – RX211

The RX211 is a reader designed for access control applications which can either be on line or configured as a standalone reader which can store up to 300 tag IDs and has multiple digital input/outputs. Aside from supporting RS485 / RS232 and USB communication ports, it also provides Wiegan output.

Active Reader – RX1310

The RX1310 is a network reader which provides Wi-Fi, LAN and PoE connectivity. Supports two modes, Autopoll and Store poll. The reader can store up to 1,000 tag IDs.

Active Reader – RX1510

The RX1510 provides global visibility of tags over GPRS cellular network. Suited for mobile and fixed reading applications. With web-based application allows for real time visibility of readers and tags.

Active Reader – RX2100

The RX2100 PT End-Cap Reader, with internal antenna, is an Active RFID expansion module for the Motorola WORKABOUT PRO 2nd and 3rd Generation Handheld Computer.

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