RFID and NFC Applications

Where there is a need to track the movement of goods or items, RFID Canada is there with the best possible solution. Having a horizontal market base, our clients can vary immensely. Depending on the industry or sector, our approach is consistently the same in understanding the needs of the customer. We continually keep abreast of industry and market changes, requirements and global standardization. Through our network of partners, RFID Canada constantly strives to work in tandem to provide the best possible solution to the end-user.

We have exported our products and services around the world, with emphasis on North America, Europe and Asia.

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Some of the markets, sectors and industries we provide solutions for are:

  • Automotive
  • Animal & Livestock
  • Education
  • Electronics
  • Financial
  • Public Sector: Library, Governments
  • Retail
  • Supply Chain & Logistics (Distribution)
  • Transportation
  • Lumber and Paper
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Packaging

Today’s global markets and economies warrant demanding performance levels in the areas of efficiency, security and safety, exchange and management of data as well as maintaining an overall competitive edge.

RFID Canada meets these criteria for our clients because we understand how businesses work, how they evolve, how they plan for the future.


Environment and Waste

The importance of taking responsibility for our environment has never been as important as  it is today.  RFID technology is assisting municipalities and regions worldwide take ownership of how our waste is managed, of how our green space is preserved and protected.  Tracking the movement of collected waste, what kind it is, how much there is, how often and from where is how RFID is being utilized to collect this critical data.  Maintaining our forests, urban trees, municipal parks, river beds is how RFID is playing a role in the future sustainability of a co-existence between man and the environment.


Community and Services

A community can thrive if its infrastructure of services is well maintained for the overall good of the community.    Municipal public library systems provide a learning resource facility for the local community to use.   To be able to find, borrow, return a library item and repeat this cycle seamlessly regardless of where an item is within the system provides the community a continuous learning experience.    RFID technology is helping libraries maintain and track its items as they are being used.


Wellness and Healthcare

Hospitals are also part of the overall infrastructure of services within a community.   Maintaining and sustaining its stock replenishment and its overall supply chain system in real-time is crucial.   Being able to identify, track and monitor a patient’s treatment during the course of his or her stay in the hospital is also crucial.  RFID technology is being used in these areas to ensure efficiency, to minimize errors and to make the patient’s experience a less stressful one.

Nature and Agriculture

There is a co-relation between nature and the environment.   Agriculture, which encompasses the farming and fishing communities are part of the nature landscape and as such, it is very important that these ecosystems continue to thrive and be healthy.   To ensure this, RFID technology is being used to identify different species, i.e., cattle, pork, chicken, sheep, fish, crops.  The health of these living organisms is tracked by having an RFID transponder embedded into them to ensure they stay healthy – individually, as a species, as well as be a continuous source for the food chain.


Safety and Security

In today’s world, ensuring that people stay safe is an area of concern for most.  This has allowed technology to play a greater role in achieving this goal.  RFID is now being used by different industries and communities to ensure accidents, fatal and otherwise are drastically reduced, if not eliminated.   People wearing an RFID bracelet that come in dangerous proximity to heavy equipment have a better chance of not being in harm’s way.

Security is another area of concern for public and private sectors and can be challenging at times. This requires a combination of the identification of a person and/or an item.  RFID technology in devices such as gates is providing security in access control situations.  Another key area of security concern is the safeguard one’s personal identification. As with access control, RFID technology is being used to ensure that personal identification is not stolen or compromised but protected.